High blood pressure, Muscle pain, Restless legs and Twitchy eyelids

Q: I am suffering with high blood pressure, heart palpitations, muscle pain, restless legs and twitchy eyelids? Help!

A: Magnesium deficiency is related to all the symptoms you are suffering from. Over 82 percent of Canadians are magnesium deficient and simply adding a magnesium supplement can reverse so many health concerns that you will often hear magnesium called the “miracle mineral.” It is challenging to get magnesium from our food because it has been removed from our grains and our water supply. Magnesium is so important that we should all be taking a magnesium supplement every day. The best form is magnesium glycinate because, unlike many common forms of magnesium, it is the only magnesium that crosses the blood brain barrier, helping those with depression, migraines and anxiety, and it does not cause explosive diarrhea when taken in effective doses. Magsmart a delicious lemon-lime flavoured powdered formula containing magnesium glycinate to calm restless legs, soothe muscle pain, stop heart palpitations, normalize blood pressure and aid restful sleep. MAGsmart also contains malic acid to control the pain of fibromyalgia and it provides taurine and other nutrients important for optimal heart health. Take one to two scoops of MAGsmart at bedtime to improve sleep and to stop anxiety and restless legs. Every woman taking the birth control pill or on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) also needs magnesium glycinate as synthetic hormones deplete the body of magnesium, increasing the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. Remember, every time you drink a cup of a caffeinated beverage, you also lose magnesium from the body so if you love coffee, you need magnesium too. Nothing works faster than MAGsmart to get rid of every type of muscle pain. MAGsmart is your heart’s best friend, normalizing high blood pressure and stopping heart palpitations. Try MAGsmart and feel the difference.