Iron Deficiency

Q: My 12 year old daughter is very pale, has no energy, and she is not doing well in school. Any suggestions?

A: Most likely she is iron deficient which is a very common problem in children. According to a new study Canadians have cut their red meat consumption, which is the main source of easily absorbed iron, resulting in many children becoming iron deficient. And many tots, children and teens are not big meat eaters either. During infancy and adolescence, the body demands more iron. Kids are at high risk for iron deficiency when they are growing rapidly especially if their diet does not contain enough iron for the increased growth needs. If youngsters have low iron, they do not grow as tall, have slowed ability to learn, poor mental performance, behavioral problems, low appetite, impaired immunity resulting in more colds and a lack of energy. In the teen years, erratic dietary habits, growth spurts and; in females, the onset of menstruation can contribute to iron deficiency. In fact, up to 30% of teen girls have iron deficiency. A 2007 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition studied teens who were iron-deficient and found they scored significantly worse on eight cognitive tests compared to those with normal iron levels. The study also revealed that when the teens iron levels were brought up to normal they scored much better on the tests. Poor school marks may have a lot to do with iron deficiency. Children from 6 months to 12 years of age should get 10 mg of elemental iron per day. Teen girls should get 15 mg per day. Most kids are getting far less. Most iron supplements are poorly absorbed and cause terrible constipation. I suggest that you give your daughter one teaspoon of IRONsmart liquid iron per day. This iron is liposomal wrapped iron meaning the iron is in a protective bubble allowing it to move through the stomach to the small intestine where it is absorbed easily. IRONsmart has a delicious caramel flavor that kids and adults love no metallic taste like other liquid iron supplements. IRONsmart has been compared to all other forms of iron and found to be absorbed five times greater than any other iron and with no side effects. IRONsmart also raises hemoglobin and ferritin quickly. Within weeks your daughter will start to have energy, improve her test scores at school and generally feel better..