Difficulty Concieving

Q: My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for over one year now. Our doctors say everything is fine. Can you help?

A: One in six Canadian women of childbearing age are infertile. Long term use of the birth control pill, poor nutrition, PCOS, hormone imbalances and low thyroid contribute to infertility. To check for low thyroid, have a TSH blood test performed and the result should be under 2.0. Women who have a TSH above 2.0 have difficulty conceiving and can have recurring miscarriages. You have to get a copy of your blood test because doctors will tell you TSH is normal as long as the result is under 5.5, however if you are trying to get pregnant it must be below 2.0. There are also nutrients that are effective at improving egg quality, normalizing ovulation and enhancing fertility in general. Some women do not ovulate due to PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) a condition marked by insulin resistance and elevated male hormones. Women with PCOS develop acne, do not ovulate, are often overweight and may have male facial hair growth. If PCOS is the problem GLUCOsmart has been shown in many studies to promote ovulation. One study showed 19 of 22 women ovulated after 90 days of taking GLUCOsmart thereby dramatically improving the ability to conceive. All couples trying to have a baby need a great multivitamin with minerals. MULTIsmart is designed for men and women. It has over 31 nutrients including folic acid, zinc and B vitamins necessary to improve egg and sperm quality. For women, ESTROsmart Plus is a combination of plant nutrients and the herb Vitex which can normalize hormones, improve progesterone levels and ensure healthy ovulation. Women with endometriosis, uterine fibroids or a thick uterine lining need ESTROsmart Plus to balance hormones. Vitex, found in ESTROsmart Plus, is known as the fertility herb. Iron is so important to infant development and women who have low iron have trouble conceiving. Make sure your hemoglobin and ferritin are well into the normal range. IRONsmart is the fastest working iron on the market.IRONsmart is a liposomal wrapped iron that raises hemoglobin and ferritin quickly. IRONsmart tastes fabulous and will not cause upset stomach or constipation. And remember you only ovulate 12 times a year so it is important to know when you ovulate.