Collagen Plus, strong bones and osteoarthritis

Q: I have been taking calcium supplements but am still losing bone based on my DEXA scan results. What else can I do to build strong bones?

A: One in 4 women and one in eight men have osteoporosis. There is more to building strong bones than calcium alone. We must take calcium along with other important bone-building nutrients like Vitamin D, boron, Vitamin K, ipriflavone and magnesium among others to ensure maximum bone strength. One of the most important nutrients for bone health is Collagen PlusTM which contains choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid. Your body uses Collagen Plus to make collagen, the glue that makes your bones, nails, teeth, skin and hair healthy.

Professor T.D. Spector, renowned osteoporosis researcher, gave 114 osteopenic women (pre-osteoporosis) 6 mg (6 drops) of Collagen Plus along with calcium and Vitamin D. Another group received only calcium and Vitamin D. After 12 months significant gains in bone strength and density were found in the femor (hip) of those taking Collagen Plus compared to those supplementing with calcium and Vitamin D alone. Earlier research found Collagen Plus helps build and maintain bone by re-mineralization, enhancing the deposition of calcium, reducing the number of osteoclasts (bone destroying cells) and increasing the number of osteoblasts (bone building cells). Collagen Plus works—fast. You will notice your fingernails become hard, your gums stop receding, your hair becomes shiny and strong and your skin glowing and smooth. Take Collagen Plus along with your favourite bone supplement and your DEXA scan and bone mineral density tests will improve.