Vaginal dryness

Q: I have been suffering with vaginal dryness. Can you tell me what causes this to happen and how I can improve it?

A: Reduced vaginal lubrication is a common problem caused by hormone imbalances. Changes in hormones during times of stress, when pregnant or breastfeeding, when using the birth control pill or at menopause can cause a decrease in vaginal secretions. Both over-the-counter and prescription medications can also contribute to this concern. Reduced lubrication increases the likelihood of infections and irritations—and it can be downright uncomfortable. A personal lubricant is the answer. Most women think lubricants are used only during intercourse but a lubricant should be used throughout the day if you have vaginal dryness to prevent infections, itching, burning, heat and pain from the dryness. I recommend you use LOVE Personal Lubricant because it is water-based, non-staining to clothing or bedding and it does not contain parabens or other toxic preservatives. LOVE also maintains normal vaginal balance and is soothing. Never use a lubricant that contains mineral oils or petroleum derived ingredients. If you are using bioidentical vaginal estrogen then you will also want to add LOVE Personal Lubricant to support healthy vaginal tissues.

Balancing hormones is also important when suffering with vaginal dryness. If you are having hot flashes, night sweats or other menopausal symptoms include MENOsmart to improve overall hormone balance. Take two MENOsmart with breakfast and two MENOsmart at bedtime to provide 24 hour a day support for your hormones. If birth control pills are the reason for your vaginal dryness then use ESTROsmart, two capsules with breakfast. ESTROsmart also protects you against the negative side effects of the pill. Eat a diet rich in vegetables, protein and healthy fats. De-stress your life and get at least 8 hours of sleep at night. If your desire for sex is diminished due to vaginal dryness include SEXsmart along with daily use of LOVE Personal Lubricant to bring excitement back into your love life. Do not suffer with vaginal dryness—LOVE is the answer.