Vitamins and Minerals

Q: Why should I take vitamins and minerals? I have heard we can get all our nutrients from our food.

A: The answer is simple. We are not getting all the nutrients we need from the foods we eat. Over 50 percent of Canadian women do not eat breakfast. None of us eat seven to 10 half cup servings of fruits and vegetables per day which is the minimum amount needed to get adequate nutrients. And there are problems with the way our food is produced. Foods are harvested before they are ripe; foods are grown on soils exhausted of their essential elements; we eat parts of the plant and not the whole food; we eat refined or highly processed foods devoid of nutrients. If you are like most women you may be too busy to eat, on a weight-loss diet or a fitness program, or under stress, making it difficult to get all your nutrients from food. If you are taking the birth control pill, it depletes your body of B vitamins and folic acid so it is imperative that you take nutrients.

We know that half of Canadians are vitamin D deficient, even in the summer when we get sunshine on our skin. Zinc, an important mineral for the immune system is involved in over 100 enzymatic reactions in the body. Without B vitamins our hair greys earlier, our skin sags and we get depressed. One in 4 women suffers from osteoporosis. Bone building minerals will reverse those figures. These are just a few of the nutrients essential to good health found in a good multi-nutrient formula.

One fact I have learned after lecturing to thousands of women is that a nutrient program has to be simple. That is why I recommend nutrients in one complete multi-nutrient packet like MULTIsmart. No bottles cluttering up your cupboards and no more trying to figure out exactly what you need. Just pop the MULTIsmart packet into your purse and go. Do something wonderful for yourself and take your MULTIsmart every day.