Colds and Flu

Q: I am a teacher and I really suffer with recurring colds and flu. I am missing too much work as a result of this. My husband is also getting sick often as he travels globally for business. What can we do?

A: The following story graphically explains the importance your immune system plays in whether or not you stay healthy. A gentleman gets on a flight from the Orient to Vancouver with active tuberculosis (TB). Of the 200 passengers exposed on that flight, 40 subsequently test positive for TB. What made the difference in those that were able to ward off the bacterial infection?—they had strong, vigilant immune systems.

The body's ability to protect itself from the onslaught of offending viruses, bacteria, fungi and cancer can be enhanced or weakened by a number of factors. We have each experienced the cold that sets in after an extraordinarily stressful event; too many days of celebration and/or unrelenting stress. Poor diet, inadequate nutrients, continual stress, negative emotions, and environmental poisons all contribute to the inability of our immune system to properly defend us. Fortunately, the body is wonderfully regenerative and our internal army of immune cells can be enhanced in a matter of weeks simply by improving our nutrition, reducing stress, adding immune-specific nutrients, exercising and seeking emotional well-being. Also drink at least 6 glasses of water per day, reduce the amount of sugar you eat, wash your hands frequently and do not touch your fingers to your eyes, nose and mouth as this introduces invaders into your body. Your immune system needs support.