Dr Oz and Sage

Q: Dr. Oz recommends herbs for hot flashes and night sweats. What do you think?

A: For some menopausal women, hot flashes and sweating are so severe that they have to change their clothing and bed sheets often. Sweating not only looks and feels bad, but we also lose vital minerals, especially iron, when we sweat excessively. I was so thrilled when Dr. Oz recommended sage for sweating as my new super-charged MENOsmart Plus menopause formula has 300mg of sage added to ensure rapid reduction of sweating and hot flashes. The herbal regulatory agency in Europe recently approved a daily dose of 300mg of sage to be used for the treatment of menopausal hot flashes and night sweats. In clinical studies women reported rapid relief of hot flashes and night sweats within 4 weeks. Hot flashes and night sweats disappeared completely for over 80 percent of women, and anxiety and mood improved as well. The researchers stated that sage was not found to affect hormone levels, ensuring its safety. Along with the right type and dose of sage, MENOsmart Plus also contains black cohosh, dong quai, gamma oryzanol, vitex and hesperidin to provide relief of menopausal symptoms. Black cohosh is so safe that it has now been studied in women with estrogen receptor positive breast cancer taking the drug tamoxifen. We know it has no hormone action but works on our temperature gauge to eliminate hot flashes and night sweats. Vitex, another herb in MENOsmart Plus, helps to enhance progesterone levels and reduces male facial hair growth in menopausal women. Menosmart Plus can be taken with or without hormone replacement therapy. Many women on hormone replacement therapy still get hot flashes and night sweats. Whether you are treating the symptoms of menopause with or without hormones, MENOsmart Plus should be used to ensure that you never have to suffer with hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings or vaginal dryness again. Menosmart Plus should be taken morning and night to ensure 24-hour protection from hot flashes and night sweats. Use MENOsmart Plus along with SLEEPsmart for deep restful sleep. Pick up a copy of my free menopause booklet wherever MENOsmart Plus is sold.