Q: I know I need my vitamins and minerals but I just can't swallow my multivitamins any more. I also find I get nauseous when I take them. Do you have any suggestions?

A: Many people have a hard time swallowing pills, so much so that they avoid taking nutritional supplements. And you are correct: we do need multivitamins and minerals daily. Forty-eight percent of women skip breakfast. Few adults eat the recommended 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Vitamins and minerals are required by the body to make our hormones and digestive enzymes, to support the thyroid and much more. We can't get all our nutrients from food because food is grown on soils exhausted of nutrients. Fertilizers and pesticides damage nutrient content as well. Broccoli contains half as much calcium and vitamin A as it did in 1975. The iron in spinach has dropped 88 percent, and cauliflower contains 40 percent less vitamin C. Over 30 nutrients are removed during the milling process of grains, but only a few are added back to fortified cereals and breads. Stress, alcohol, prescription medications, caffeine and carbonated drinks also rob nutrients from the body. I developed MULTIsmart, a complete multivitamin/mineral supplement with every nutrient you need in a delicious powder. MULTIsmart contains all the necessary calcium, magnesium and vitamin D so you don't have to take an extra bone supplement. It also has all the vitamins, minerals and cofactors and it is highly absorbable. The reason you are getting stomach upset when you take your multivitamins and minerals is because you do not have enough digestive enzymes and stomach acid to digest your nutrients. Solving this is simple. Just take your supplements with food. I just couldn't swallow pills anymore either, which is why I am developing more powder and liquid nutritional supplements. MULTIsmart tastes refreshing. These are my favourite ways of taking MULTIsmart. In a shaker cup, combine one packet of MULTIsmart with 4oz (125mL) of water and 2oz (60mL) of orange/mango juice then shake well. Or, in a blender, combine one packet of MULTIsmart with 4oz (125mL) of water or orange juice, some frozen raspberries and a few frozen cubes of mango. Blend and enjoy. Add a packet to your favourite shake recipe. Teenagers love MULTIsmart too!