Healthy Resolutions
Polar Bears our Toxin Barometer
What is Heartburn?

Healthy Resolutions

This New Year's eve I encourage you to make a couple of resolutions that can change your health forever. The first one is to take your multivitamin with minerals everyday and the second is to eat breakfast every morning.

I have personally seen the healing benefits a complete multinutrient program creates in the health of my friends, family and readers. Fuel your body with the right nutrients and you will reap the rewards of health and vitality.

You have probably asked, "Why should we take supplements? I have heard we can get all our nutrients from our food." The answer is simple. No longer does science believe that we can get our nutrient needs from the foods we eat. Over 50 percent of North American's (especially women) do not eat breakfast - coffee is the breakfast food of choice. Lunch often comes from a fast food restaurant and dinner is a piece of meat with one vegetable and a starch. And there are problems with the way our food is produced. Foods are harvested before they are ripe; foods are grown on soils exhausted of their essential elements; we eat parts of the plant and not the whole food; we eat refined or highly processed foods devoid of nutrients. Over thirty nutrients are removed during the milling process of grains but only a few are added back during processing. If you are like many people you eat junk food, or are too busy to eat, or are on a weight-loss diet or a fitness program, or if you are under stress you can not get all your nutrients from food. If you are a woman taking the birth control pill it depletes your body of B vitamins and folic acid so it is imperative that you take essential nutrients.

As a woman over forty with two daughters, my oldest a mother of four children, I know how important multi-nutrients are to our health. Nutrients aren't optional - they are essential. Nutrients ensure our heart stays strong well into our nineties; that are breasts are protected from disease; that our thyroid functions properly and our bones don't break.

One fact I have learned after lecturing to thousands of people is that a nutrient program has to be simple. That is why I recommend nutrients in one complete multinutrient like MULTISMART. All the nutrients we require for vibrant health are found in a convenient packet. No bottles cluttering up your cupboards and no more trying to figure out exactly what you need. Just pop the packet into your purse and go.

If you are like me you want to take care of your daughters and sons too. Start them on a multinutrient program in their teens to ensure their developing body gets all the nutrition it needs to grow strong.

Eating a healthy breakfast reduces your risk of heart disease, lowers blood pressure, improves thyroid function, balances blood sugar, elevates mood, aids weight loss but most importantly breakfast provides your body with the fuel it needs to function optimally. Choose healthy foods. Make sure your breakfast is made up of protein - an egg, a chicken breast, a protein shake, yogurt with protein powder mixed together and limit caffeine consumption to one cup of coffee per day. Take your multivitamins with minerals along with your breakfast. Get into a routine.

2005 was a fabulous year. Thank you to all of my subscribers. Your support has been overwhelming. I look forward to 2006 and visiting your community. Look for my new schedule to be posted on the website in January. I will be adding a chat room to the website so that we all communicate with one another and share our stories and successes.

Have a Happy New Year, Lorna

Polar Bears our Toxin Barometer

Born at Christmas time, blind, toothless and white as snow, polar bears are exposed to one of the most toxic unnatural threats - industrial chemical poisoning. Polar bear cubs, while gorging on their mother's milk ingest high levels of toxic chemical pollutants before they even leave the winter den. The North acts as a giant sponge with unsafe levels of hundreds of globe-trotting chemical contaminants including PCBs, flame retardants (that are applied to furniture and fabrics) and pesticides riding northwards on air and water currents. Polar bears are a barometer for toxic levels of dangerous chemical pollutants. These chemical pollutants are also called estrogen-mimickers or xenoestrogens. Because polar bears eat high on the food chain, consuming seals and other animals during the summer, then they burn off these reserves in the winter during hibernation, chemicals are concentrated in their meat and milk. As a result they provide evidence for what is happening on a more insidious scale in the human population.

Studies show that polar bears have weak immune systems that can not resist infection from common viruses. They have also been found to have low thyroid, testosterone, and progesterone hormones along with low vitamin A. Polar bears also have fertility problems caused by sex organ deformities where they have mostly female anatomy along with some male anatomy.

What do we see in North Americans today as a result of everyday xenoestrogen chemical exposure? Low thyroid function, weak immunity and poor resistance to infection, an increase in infertility, baby boys being born with penis deformities, girls menstruating earlier, estrogen dominant conditions like uterine fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibrocystic breasts, breast cancer, heavy periods, hormonal acne, and more. And the research doesn't stop with polar bears.

Plants are also be affected by toxic levels of herbicides, especially the herbicide glyphosate known as Roundup. When Roundup is applied too often, the plant's response is to die. So along comes genetic engineering whereby plants are genetically-modified, soy beans for example, to sustain repeated applications of Roundup throughout the growing season without dying. We call this Roundup-Ready-Soy. This is one reason why I never recommend non-organic, unfermented soy products. Buy organic foods (they are not genetically-modified), eliminate all dangerous chemicals from your home and tell everyone you know to do the same.

Nutrients including indole-3-carbinol, curcumin, d-glucarate, sulforaphane, milk thistle, rosemary and green tea extract have been found to help detoxify these chemical pollutants. Research shows these nutrients keep estrogens in a healthy balance with progesterone and testosterone. They also help to shrink abnormal cell growth found in those with fibroids, endometriosis and cysts. I developed ESTROSMART to protect myself and my family from these toxic chemicals that are found in common cosmetics, foods and household cleaning supplies. Next month's newsletter will provide detailed research on how these nutrients can protect you and your family.

Many subscribers have been asking about alternatives to over-the-counter and prescription drugs for heartburn and acid reflux. FruitinĀ® is an excellent alternative.

What is Heartburn?

Four out of ten adults suffer from heartburn and acid indigestion. Inadequate breakdown of food, bloating, excess acid production or pressure on the stomach can all lead to indigestion and heartburn.

These problems may be caused by diet (overeating, rich meals, high protein diets or eating several food combinations at one meal), stress, caffeine, alcohol, obesity, hiatus hernia, pregnancy and a variety of other causes.

Often heartburn is worse at bedtime. When we lie down, the stomach's contents come into contact with the sphincter. If it is not fully closed, the burning sensation of heartburn follows.

Help is at Hand

Both a change in diet, chewing your food until it is mush, eating small meals in a relaxing environment and taking digestive enzymes with each meal can help reduce heartburn, but occasionally it is necessary to reach for help to ease digestive complaints.

Reaching for standard antacids is not the answer. They act by neutralizing stomach acids. Since the stomach needs these acids to digest food properly, it responds by producing even more acid, creating a vicious circle of acid imbalances.

Frutin is the natural solution that works where it hurts. When its natural active ingredients come into contact with the gastric acids, they produce a pH-neutral foam barrier in the upper part of the stomach, which acts like a "lid" to keep stomach acids down where they belong. The natural acid balance is maintained and digestion can proceed normally.

Benefits & Qualities:
  • It's a fast acting, natural product that works specifically against heartburn.
  • It doesn't disrupt the stomach's natural acid balance, nor does it stimulate further acid production - both of which are common side effects of many antacid products.
  • Its active ingredients are completely safe and natural.
  • Does not contain Sodium Bicarbonate, as its use may cause health problems.
  • It comes in a pleasant tasting, chewable form.
  • Safe for diabetics
Helpful for people with heartburn and indigestion caused by:
  • Overeating
  • Rich foods
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress
  • Hiatal Hernia
  • Inadequate enzyme production.
  • Weakened connective tissue between the stomach and the esophagus
What is in Frutin?

Frutin contains selected fruit fibres (also called pectin), developed for medical use, and quality tested natural dolomite chalk from the Norwegian mountains. One Frutin tablet contains 200mg of the dolomite that gives the foam a neutral pH of approximately 6.

Frutin is sugar-free as it is sweetened with sorbital, and peppermint oil has been added for a refreshingly pleasant peppermint flavour.

Frutin is Different
Frutin is different from other antacid preparations because it contains no aluminum hydroxide or sodium bicarbonate. Scientists are now questioning the possible side effects of aluminum, and long term use of sodium bicarbonate is not recommended. Frutin contains selected fruit fibres (also called pectin) specially developed for medicinal use, and quality tested natural dolomite chalk from the Norwegian mountains. It is the dolomite that gives the foam its neutral pH of 6. Frutin does not cause acid rebound. Most antacids work by neutralizing the stomach acids so it doesn't "burn" if they get into the oesophagus. Unfortunately, the stomach just responds by producing more acid, thus setting up a vicious circle. This does not happen with Frutin because the neutral dolomite/pectin foam rises to the top of the stomach, keeping the acid in the stomach where it belongs. This soft foamy "lid" stays in place for up to 5 hours, allowing digestion to proceed normally, with no acid rebound effect. Frutin also quickly neutralizes any acid that may have already reached the top of the oesophagus, easing discomfort quickly.

Frutin is a sugar-free, chewable tablet with a pleasant peppermint taste. The fruit fibres give a fine, smooth texture to the tablets, making them easy to chew and swallow.