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High Blood Pressure
Herpes Warning
Repairing Summer's Sun Damage
Estrogen and Menopausal Joint Pain

High Blood Pressure Back to Top

Many people have contacted me after listening to radio talk shows asking about the nutrients I recommend for high blood pressure. They are fish peptides and celery seed. Please click on this link to read more about these two nutrients and how to use them.

Herpes Warning Back to Top
Herpes is Cold Sores, Shingles, Chicken Pox and Genital Herpes.

According to the International Herpes Resource Centre oral sex is the key reason for the current herpes epidemic. This is a touchy subject and I have found that even the word herpes has a big stigma attached to it. We have to get rid of this stigma considering that over 1/3 of North Americans have herpes. In Canada 7 million have the disease and over 1 million between the ages of 15 to 19. Worse yet, over 80 percent of those infected do not know they have it because they lack the usual signs, painful or itchy rash, angry looking blisters or bumps in the genital area, thighs, buttocks or the face. And what that means is you can unknowingly pass it on to your partner. The Centre states that if you have oral herpes commonly called cold sores and you have oral sex you can transfer it to the genitals and if you have genital herpes you can give your partner facial herpes.

There are several types of herpes virus. Herpes Simplex (HSV) is responsible for a recurrent viral infection that causes outbreaks on any area of the body, particularly the mouth or genitals. Type 1 herpes (HSV-1) usually causes cold sores while type 2 herpes (HSV-2) causes genital herpes. Herpes Zoster causes chicken pox and shingles. Herpes outbreaks usually appear as single or multiple clusters of small fluid-filled blisters. These blisters then burst leaving painful ulcers that can take weeks to heal. After the first outbreak the virus becomes dormant, hiding from our immune system, waiting for another opportunity to erupt. Emotional, physical, environmental or nutritional stress can reactivate the virus, causing another outbreak. Over sixty percent of those infected with herpes will have reoccurring outbreaks. While one person may only have one or two outbreaks per year, others are plagued several times per month by this infectious, painful and sometimes dangerous virus.

Amazing Herpes Treatment

As my readers know I am always searching for unique, research-backed ingredients that work. I came across a company that was doing work with water purification, cancer and herpes using a novel ingredient. This ingredient called PH+100 is a potent antiviral made from several acids. PH+100 does not burn your skin as it is manufactured under a special patent making it safe and non-corrosive. The University of Texas at the Houston Health Science Center tested PH +100 for its action on two forms of herpes simplex, type 1 and type 2. They found that PH+100 inactivated 100 percent of both herpes viruses within 10 minutes at a concentration of 0.1 percent PH+100. The viruses tested were the two known for extreme resistance and sensitivity to inactivation and PH+100 worked very quickly to inactivate them.

A comparative study of the clinical evaluation of PH+100 and Acyclovir (a prescription drug for herpes) in the treatment and disappearance of herpes was performed by Dr. Marcos Cruz in Venezuela. He studied 95 men and 35 women with type 1 and type 2 herpes simplex. They divided the patients into two groups one group receiving PH+100 and the other Acylcovir. Initially patients stopped using any medications for herpes except for the application of ice when the sores appeared. Inflammation, the size and number of the sores, the amount of fluid that was released from the sores, pain and itching were examined. The results of the treatment group showed that within 24 hours over 65 percent of the treatment group receiving PH+100 had dramatic relief of all symptoms. Within 48 hours 80 percent of PH+100 users had relief with sores shrinking, pain relief and healing of sores. Less than 10 percent in the Acyclovir group had relief. Both studies found that PH+100 is safe and outside of a bit of itching when first applied no side effects were reported. Use PH+100 as a natural lubricating lip ointment for prevention too.

Repairing Summer's Sun Damage Back to Top

Once the June rain clouds parted we donned sunscreen and raced to enjoy the outdoors. Even with the application of sunscreen and moisturizers you may have noticed that your skin is now showing more wear and tear. Maybe you can see tiny lines crisscrossing in the delicate skin around your eyes and mouth. Or darker patches or uneven skin color developing. There is more to healthy glowing skin than exfoliation, moisturizing and sunscreen application. Beautiful skin starts from within. Repairing the sun's damage is also important for reducing your risk of skin cancers. The following recommendations are not just for women . men also need to be concerned about skin health.

Internal cosmetics
fatty acids (EFA) are necessary for moisturizing the skin, preventing aging, decreasing wrinkles, treating acne and protecting the skin from sunburn. EFAs can be found in nuts and seeds and their oils for example flaxseed oil, evening primrose, borage and extra virgin olive oil along with fish to name a few. But the most important nutrient for healthy skin GLA is found in borage or evening primrose. GLA can very quickly smooth wrinkles and moisturize the skin.

It would be hard-pressed to find someone who has not had a sunburn at some time in their life, but some people are more susceptible to the sun's ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB). UVB rays are the shorter of the skin-damaging rays, penetrate deeply and quickly burn the mid-layers of your skin. The damaged skin sends signals to the bottom layer of the epidemis, which responds by forming melanin to protect the active skin. It is the melanin that results in tanning and as the melanin remains higher in the skin you set up some natural defense against the sun but only after damage has been done.

Although the skin always needs EFAs they are more important at this time of year after exposure to the sun. Experiments in Scandinavia found that GLA from borage oil had significantly reduced UV damage to their skin. Participants in the study used 2000mg per day of borage oil.

GLA is commonly used in skin care moisturizers to aid dryness, retain moisture of the skin and treat wrinkles. Borage and Evening Primrose are also used to treat eczema and hormone-induced acne.

Special Silicon
Silicon is part of the structural components or building blocks in the body, for skin, hair, bones, nails, arteries and collagen. Without adequate silicon in the diet our skin and nails will be the first to show symptoms. If you have fragile nails you most likely have weak bone structure too. And silicon is instrumental in activating the enzymes that improve the strength and elasticity of the skin resulting in fewer wrinkles.

All silicon consumed in the diet must be dissolved in the stomach into orthosilicic acid. The problem is that our bodies process dietary silicon inefficiently and this process is further impaired as we age. The only bioavailable form of silicon is orthosilicic acid and the ingredient is available as Collagen PlusTM. This is not the same as Silica (Silicon Dioxide [SiO2]), or the silicon that is found in horsetail.

A recent study at the Free University of Brussels of 50 women aged 40 to 65 who had clear signs of sun damaged or prematurely aging skin showed significant improvement when supplementing with orthosilicic acid over the placebo group. Results included shallower micro wrinkling, improved elasticity and significant reduction of brittleness in the hair and nails. In Europe orthosilicic acid is the only nutrient to be given the status of an oral cosmetic. Within 60 days your skin and nails will show you Collagen PlusTM is working. Each bottle contains 100 days of treatment.

Estrogen and Menopausal Joint Pain Back to Top

Two noted researchers David T. Felson, M.D. of Boston University and Steven R. Cummings, M.D. of California Pacific Medical Center have been sharing their insight into estrogen's effects on inflammation within the joints. When estrogen levels start declining, many women experience what is commonly called menopausal arthritis. But what women are really experiencing is increased inflammation. Remember inflammation not only causes joint pain but also increases the risk of colon cancer, Alzheimer's, rapid aging, heart disease and more. By using natural anti-inflammatory herbs and nutrients as a prevention and treatment we can reduce inflammation throughout the body. Joint pain relief is as simple as applying celadrin cream morning and night and taking 3 Celedrin capsules per day. Other natural remedies to reduce inflammation include curcumin, green tea, MSM and magnesium.