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Honor Thy Mother Back to Top

May, the month that honors mothers, is my favorite month. As a mother of four grown children and two grandsons I take this month to not only celebrate my own Mom but also the joys of watching my oldest daughter's motherhood as well. In North America the first Mother's Day proclamation was issued by the governor of West Virginia in 1910 and by 1912 Mother's Day was recognized around the globe. Honoring thy mother begins with respecting the body she gave you and the earth where our food grows.

As I look at my own beautiful, grown daughters I know that I have taught them about love and fairness and most importantly about their health. They know I had strong convictions about not vaccinating them; that I would not allow the dentist to put fluoride on their teeth; that antibiotics were only used for absolute emergencies; and that soda pop was toxic. Sometimes it was hard for them. Like the time a health nurse told my youngest daughter, "that her mother must not love her very much for not vaccinating her with hepatitis B in grade nine" or the dental hygienists telling them at six years old, "that if they did not get fluoride they would have cavities that needed drilling and fillings." My heart smiles when I hear them tell their friends about all the natural treatments that can be used to heal what ails. The natural health message stuck to my daughters and they are now telling others. An important message when you know the disease statistics for women.

Yes we are living longer but are we living healthier? Our rates of breast cancer in North America are increasing. In the 1960s one in 20 women developed breast cancer. Today it is one in 8. Ovarian cancer is a silent killer over 50 percent of women affected with ovarian cancer die. Cervical cancer is epidemic. Osteoporosis affects one in 4 women. Hip fractures as a result of osteoporosis result in death in up to 20 percent of cases. As many women as men are now troubled with heart disease yet more women are dieing of heart attack than men are. Estrogen was recently listed as a cancer-causing agent and many women have been taking this drug for decades. Each day we are bombarded by environmental estrogens and other toxins that, not only increase our risk of developing cancer but, upset the delicate balance of female hormones causing endometriosis, infertility, ovarian cysts, menstrual irregularities, learning disorders in our babies and so much more. Young girls are being prescribed birth control pills to improve the look of their skin and yet few are told it causes B vitamin deficiency and increases their risk of breast cancer, blood clots and their ability to become pregnant later in life. Canada and the US have the highest rates of hysterectomy in the world and researchers have discovered half are not medically necessary. We have to take charge of our health and learn what is really causing all these conditions and how to prevent and treat them without dangerous drugs and unnecessary surgery.

Mother's (and father's) we must unite and start to teach our daughters about safer cosmetics, vitamins and minerals and food. Not just food to feed our hungry belly but food that heals, prevents and treats all these female problems. Remember we are the role models for our daughters. By example we teach them and then they teach their daughters. Honor thy mother and thyself each and everyday!

Yours in health, Lorna

More Birth Control Pill Dangers Back to Top

A new study just published in The Lancet reported that the use of oral contraceptives (the Pill) increases the risk of developing cervical cancer. The most common cause of cervical cancer is infection with the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Researchers found that women who had used oral contraceptive for 5 to 9 years and 10 years or more had a 60 and 120 per cent increased risk of developing cervical cancer compared to women who had never used oral contraceptives. They also found that women with HPV had a 90 percent increased risk of developing cervical cancer after using the pill for only a few years. Taking the Pill disrupts estrogen metabolism in the liver causing a shift of our healthy estrogen to a form called 16-hydroxyestrone. This form is thought to be used by HPV to develop into cervical cancer. What can we do to protect our cervix and keep our PAP tests normal? We need Indole-3-carbinol 150 to 300mg per day. Research has shown the supplement Indole-3-carbinol can reverse abnormal PAP tests; and return abnormal cervical cells to normal in as little as 3 menstrual cycles. If you take the Pill remember to have regular PAP tests and use Indole-3-carbinol to keep your cervix healthy. If you have had abnormal PAP tests it is essential that you take Indole-3-carbinol found in ESTROSMART along with your multivitamin with minerals.

Dem Bones Back to Top

One in 4 women will develop osteoporosis and of those that have a hip fracture as a result of the osteoporosis 20 percent will die. According to the latest statistics 75 percent of teenage girls are consuming less than the RDA of calcium which means these girls are at high risk of osteoporosis. During our teens and early twenties it is essential we get enough calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D to develop strong bones.

Recent research performed at the University of Calgary found that those living in the Northern Hemisphere are deficient in vitamin D, not only in the winter but also during the summer months. This information has health care officials evaluating the recommended dosage of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is produced by sunshine on our skin. Those living in areas with cold winters where we are bundled up without skin exposure to the sun need vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D deficiency not only promotes weak bones but also low thyroid, immune dysfunction and some autoimmune conditions including multiple sclerosis. Most nutritional supplements only contain 400 IU of vitamin D which is not enough for proper bone and thyroid health. Ensure your supplement contains at least 1000 IU of vitamin D. Those with multiple sclerosis should be taking 4000 IU during the winter and 2000 IU during the summer.

If you are taking MULTISMART you will be receiving adequate calcium, magnesium and vitamin D along with the fatty acids that improve absorption of these nutrients.

Fosamax May Damage Liver Back to Top

Fosamax prescribed to treat and in some cases prevent osteoporosis can create some additional health concerns. A recent report in the New England Journal of Medicine found that Fosamax and other bisphosphonate drugs may cause eye inflammation, blurring of vision, painful swelling and blindness if not treated along with liver dysfunction, gastric and esophageal inflammation, ulceration of the esophagus, painful swallowing, indigestion, nausea, liver failure, skin reactions and hypocalcemia.

Scientists are not sure what mechanism may cause liver damage but one possibility is that fosamax inhibits the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver, which may alter liver function. Your doctor should monitor liver function if you are taking Fosamax.

Fosamax works by killing oestoclasts the cells that remove bone. Bone is not a static substance it is constantly being broken down and built up. Osteoclasts break down bone and osteoblasts build it up. Women used to be prescribed estrogen for bone health until the recent Women's Health Initiative Study found the risk of stroke, blood clots, heart attack and breast cancer outweighed any benefits estrogen may have in bone health. Estrogen inhibits osteoclasts from breaking down bone Fosamax kills osteoclasts. The theory is that if bone is not broken down it will get denser by the osteoblasts building the bone up. But density is a poor predictor of bone health. Chalk is extremely dense and yet very fragile. Strong bones come from proper nutrition, weight bearing exercise and good bone nutrients taken daily.

Bone health Tips
  • Walk 30 minutes per day. Walking is more effective than swimming for building bone.

  • Buy Velcro weights at your local fitness or department store. They come in several weights from 1 to 5 pounds. Velcro them on your wrists and ankles and wear them while you do housework, gardening or on your 30 minute walk everyday. Start with one pound weights and work your way up to the heavier size. They are comfortable. Mine are filled with sand. Or join a weight class for those with osteoporosis at your local community center.

  • Take MULTISMART which contain all the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy bones.

  • Make sure your teenagers are taking a multi-vitamin with minerals

  • Eat plenty of canned salmon with the bones, broccoli, sesame seeds, cabbage, kale, dark green leafy vegetables, bananas, apricots, beans, ginger, broccoli sprouts, nuts and seeds. They are good sources of magnesium and calcium along with other bone building nutrients.

  • De-stress, scientists know that high levels of cortisol our stress hormone causes a loss of calcium from bones. Have a massage, listen to calming music, spend time with those you love and ones that love you.
I believe there are better ways than Fosamax for bone health. Commit to weight bearing exercise, take your bone building nutrients and your bones will respond.

Winning at Weight Loss Back to Top

Over the last two decades North Americans have become a progressively fatter society. With each new fad diet our rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease have increased dramatically. According to the latest statistics over a third of our children aged 2 to 11 are overweight and of those, half could be considered obese. Knowing that diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers are directly linked to the amount of body fat we carry and the types of foods we eat, the prevalence of these diseases are expected to sky rocket.

The multi-billion dollar diet industry with its no fat, low fat diets, sugar and fat substitutes and prescription diet drugs and diet aids have done little to quell our expanding waistlines.

For all those who are desperately dieting the statistics show diets don't work. One year after dieting, 66 percent of people regain their weight; and after five years the figure rises to 97 percent. Simple lifestyle and diet changes provide the best results and Sherry Torkos in her book Winning at Weight Loss, teaches you how to slim down, stay lean and live longer by adopting lifelong weight management strategies. By understanding that thyroid function, stress, hormones, genetics, serotonin, insulin, physical activity, the quality of our food, not just how many calories we consume, have an effect on whether we lose weight or remain overweight.

Obesity will have the biggest financial impact on our health care systems in the future if we don't move today to halt our increasing girth. I believe that this book can help you achieve your desired weight and optimal health in a safe manner.

Why Starving Doesn't Work
When we starve the body we lower our metabolism or in simpler terms we turn off our fat burning furnace. By seriously restricting calories, not eating breakfast and living on cottage cheese or drinking water instead of eating our body goes into conservation mode to protect you from starving. Most of us can not keep this type of diet up for long and when we start eating again the body stores the fuel as fat to ensure that you have lots of fat for your next famine. This is a viscous cycle and trains the body to store food as fat. I am always concerned when I hear 110 pound, 18 year olds tell me they are not eating because they want to lose weight - these teens will become the future overweight fighting the battle of the buldge. You have to eat to lose weight.

Tips for Fat Loss
  • Eat a protein rich breakfast (eggs, protein powder, a chicken breast, yogurt with protein powder, a steak) - those who eat protein for breakfast increase their fat burning furnace by 25% and it lasts all day! Those who eat skim milk and cereal have lowered ability to burn fat and we all know that you will be starving in an hour.
  • Eat a snack at midmorning and mid afternoon.
  • Eat your meals on the side plate instead of the dinner plate. Buy your own personal big salad bowl for your greens.
  • Throw away all the white foods in your cupboard, white flour, white sugar, white pasta, white bread, white rice and white potatoes replace with yams, whole wheat or rye bread, whole wheat pasta, brown or wild rice and stevia instead of sugar.
  • Eat baked corn chips and spicy salsa as a snack once in a while - the salsa helps burn fat. Add spice to your cooking to increase fat burning.
  • Change the black pepper in your shaker to cayenne pepper it helps burn fat
  • Drink water and if you hate the taste of water add unsweetened cranberry juice or another unsweetened juice or herbal tea to your water.
  • Eat as many green vegetables and salad as you wish
  • Use fatty acid rich oils including flax on your salad. EFA rich oils help burn fat. Evening Primrose Oil and CLA in dosages of 2-6 grams help burn fat.
  • Walk 30 minutes everyday - this will increase your fat burning rate better than anything else you can do. Take the entire family or at work start a walking club with your workmates at lunch.
  • If you need extra help in jump starting your fat burning furnace use some natural weight loss nutrients.

Duct Tape your Warts Away Back to Top

Researchers from Washington, DC reported in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine that covering your warts with duct tape is more effective than cyrotherapy where drops of liquid nitrogen is applied over several weeks to months to remove warts. This new technique called "Ductotherapy" eliminated warts in three quarters of the study participants in less than four weeks. Some reported that while they had tape covering only one wart, other warts disappeared too. Researchers believe that covering the warts with duct tape (the silver tape used to stop air from leaking from ducts) creates an area of localized irritation of the skin thereby rallying the immune system to roust the viral infection.

Ensure the place of application is dry and apply duct tape to your wart and leave it on for six days, then remove the tape, soak the body part that has the wart in water and brush away the dying skin with an emery board or pumice stone. After leaving the tape off overnight, apply a new piece of tape and repeat the ritual for no more than two months.

At the end of the study 85 percent of the patients in the tape group had no warts, compared with 60 percent in those receiving cryotherapy.

We don't give warts enough focus. They are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and a sign that our immune system is not fighting off the virus infection. Improving the diet, reducing stress and taking a multivitamin with minerals will aid immune function.