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Heart transplant

Hi. This question is regarding my 17 year old who has had a heart transplant and doesn't have a spleen. He is on immunosuppresants and he is constantly getting REALLY sick. He is forbidden from taken grapefruit. He has developed a cauliflower wart that grows big and gross on his head and we have seen a specialist but it keeps coming back. They refused giving him Aldera because they're worried it may interfere with his meds. Also he keeps developing these weird infections on his body. He recovers from one to go right in to another. He use to be a great sleeper but since the surgery 2years ago, he can't sleep and is not allowed to take melatonin. He is really suffering and I see him falling in to depression, which is something he never use to have! Is there anything we can do? We're tired of hearing no no no, nothing can be done because of his meds!

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Posted 1/26/2012 8:44:52 PM

Since I never got a response, I will add that he was seen by another doctor who suggested he use the Aldera anyway and it worked. He did not have any side effects and is wart free. I will also add that the wart spread like a plague all over his hands, under the finger nails, head and body but luckily the Aldera worked its magic and all is well. The transplant team suggested that it was safe to use in this case.

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Posted 12/13/2012 8:29:18 PM

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