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Dear Lorna it was discovered in may that my heart had an ejection fraction of 25-35 % and heart was twice volume of blood. I just turned 48. I have had rapid heartbeat every night for 3 yrs and mentioned during medical that we should look at heart and above is what we discovered. I have high chlosteral but other than that I have worked in forestry for 23 years so I am active. They put me on bisoprobalol 2.5 mg and 81 Asa also telemisartan 40mg. I do not have high blood pressure my arteries are normal not clogged so they are suspicious of viral heart infection but don t really now they want me to take high chlosteral meds but I am very resistant. Have quit telemisartan. What would u suggest?? Rapid heartbeat has gotten better. I exercise minimum 30 minutes everyday heart meds made me feel really sick but finally adjusting so feeling a little better. Funny thing never felt that sick until started bisopropolol. Just really tired now. But other than high chlosteral and being about 30 lbs overweight and big heart good health?? My heart is a mystery

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Posted 12/26/2012 11:09:17 AM

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