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collagen supplementation


I am a woman in her early sixties and am looking for a collagen supplement - to keep my skin looking as beautiful as possible. I came across an article stating that a quality collagen supplement should have two essential qualities - porcine-based collagen and hydrolyzed because porcine is most similar to human collagen. I am looking at your products Biosil and Collagen Plus - which contain other ingredients and I am confused about the "subject" of supplementing collagen. I respect you so much and use all of your products and recommend them as my number one choice. Could you clear up my confusion and also can you advise what other products I should use. Thank you for your time

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Posted 7/13/2012 4:16:47 PM
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Biosil is not actually Lorna's product. Her product is Collagen Plus and it contains Biotin and Silicon, it is not an actual form of collagen. These two ingredients help your body to naturally create collagen. This product helps with strong hair, bones and nails.

Her other collagen product is called Active Collagen. Unlike Collagen Plus, it is an actual form of hydrolyzed marine collagen and elastin from fish. Because it is hydrolyzed this makes it a form of collagen that our bodies can absorb. Active Collagen targets deep skin wrinkles and sagging skin, it is great for anti aging!

Another one of Lorna's products you may want to look into that Lorna swears by is the GLA skin oil, which comes in liquid or softgel form. It helps to give you nice, glowing skin.

You can read about all of these in the Featured Products section.

Hope this helps!

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Posted 7/26/2012 9:15:16 AM
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As an FYI there are 16 different types of collagen in the human body each having different actions. For example collagen Type 2 for joints. Active Collagen has great research showing reduction of the depth of deep wrinkles in 28 days in 80% of users and improved elasticity and moisture content by day 84. I will post my article written in Vista about types of collagen. The article in alive was written to sell a pig based collagen product from Japan and it did not state the facts about types of collagen Always ask where is the research.

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Posted 10/8/2012 8:10:02 PM

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