The Immune System Cure
Optimize Your Immune System in 30 Days

Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe, MSc

Paperback: 250 pages
Language: English

What causes one person to catch a cold or flu and another to avoid it? Why does one person with HIV live without symptoms while another quickly develops full-blown AIDS? What allows someone to be incapacitated by allergies? Why do serious outbreaks of infectious diseases leave some individuals untouched? The answers lie within nature itself - our immune system.

The Immune System Cure provides simple techniques for supercharging your immune system through diet, stress reduction, and nutritional supplements. Adopt the recommended strategies and you will harness your body's ability to do the job that nature intended: combat and prevent disease.

Nature eloquently designed the human body with the tools needed to prevent and fight most disease. It is only through neglect, abuse and overuse that we have altered the ability of the immune system to function optimally. This book is not about a magic cure: it is about treatments that boost and balance the immune system to give it the support it needs.

Inside you will discover:

» the 10 super immune boosting nutrients
» the foods that harm and the foods that heal
» how to avoid the common cold or flu
» how to avoid the side effects of chemotherapy
» how to protect your children from disease
» the benefits of avoiding antibiotics
» common fats that can kill you
» the top healing fats

And, you will also find specific advice on how to enhance your immune system to combat:

» antibiotic-resistant bacteria » fibromyalgia
» allergies » hepatitis C, HIV and herpes
» tuberculosis » cancer
» rheumatoid arthritis and » chronic fatigue syndrome
» other autoimmune diseases » and much, much more